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This list is constantly updated. I eventually hope to include more detailed info about many of the works listed. Be sure to check back soon!

(Excerpts marked in RED are most frequently called for in orchestra auditions).
Many full piccolo parts are published by Little Piper and can be purchased directly on their website.

Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra, Peloc from "Roumanian Dances"
Beethoven: Symphony No. 9
Berlioz: "Dance of the Sprites" from Damnation of Faust, Symphonie Fantastique
Borodin: Polovetsian Dances
Brahms: Variations on a Theme by Haydn
Britten: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Dvorak: Carnival Overture
Hindemith: Nobillisima Visione, Symphonic Metamorphoses
Holst: The Planets
Ippolitiv-Ivanov: "Procession of the Sadars" from Caucasian Sketches
Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde; Symphonies Nos. 1, 2 & 8
Prokofiev: Cinderella, Lieutenant Kije
Ravel: Bolero, Daphnis et Chloe, Mother Goose Suite, Piano Concerto in G, Rhapsodie Espagnole
Respighi: Fountains of Rome
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade
Rossini: Overture to La Gazza Ladra, Scala di Seta Overture, Semiramide Overture
Schostakovich: Symphonies Nos. 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 & 10
Sibelius: Karelia Suite
Smetna: Bartered Bride Overture
Sousa: Stars and Stripes Forever (key of G)
Stravinsky: Firebird, Petrouchka, Rite of Spring
Tschaikovsky: Danse Chinoise from "The Nutcracker", Symphony No.4
Wagner: Magic Fire Music from "Die Walkure"

Cd-rom: Complete Flute and Piccolo Parts to Orch Masterworks (5 volumes)
Nitschke: Piccolo Orchestral Studies (2 volumes)
Torchio: Difficult Passages and Solos for Flute & Piccolo (2 volumes)
Wellbaum, Jack & Martha Rearick: Orchestral Excerpts for Piccolo [Presser] (Europe: Alfred A. Kalmus)
Wye/Morris: A Piccolo Practice Book

(All of the following band works contain substantial piccolo solos &/or difficult exposed passages)

Arnold, Malcolm: English Dances [arr.]; Four Scottish Dances [arr.]; Tam O'Shanter [arr.]
Barnes, James: Golden Festival Overture; Third Symphony
Benson, Warren: The Solitary Dancer
Bernstein, Leonard: Overture to "Candide" [arr.]
Chance, James Barnes: Variations on a Korean Folk Song
Daugherty, Michael: Niaghra Falls
Dello Joio, Norman: Scenes From the Louvre; Variants on a Medieval Tune
Erb, Donald: Cenotaph
Ginastera, A.: Danza Final "Malambo" [arr.]
Godfrey, Daniel: Jig
Gould, Morton: Symphony for Band
Grainger, Percy: Children's March; Lincolnshire Posy; The Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol
Grantham, Donald: Fantasy Variations; Southern Harmony
Hindemith, Paul: Symphonic Metamorphosis [arr.]; Symphony in Bb
Holst, Gustav: First Suite in Eb; Hammersmith; Second Suite in F         
Husa, Karel: Music for Prague, 1968
Ives, Charles: Country Band March; Variations on America
Jacob, Gordon: An Original Suite
Margolis, Bob: Terpsichore
Meij, Johan de: Symphony No.1 "Lord of the Rings"
Mennin, Peter: Canzona
Milhaud, Darius: Suite Francaise
Persichetti, Vincent: Divertimento for Band; Symphony for Band, Op.69
Reed, Owen: La Fiesta Mexicana
Reynolds, Verne: Concerto for Piano and Wind Ensemble
Schuman, William: Chester Overture
Shostakovich, Dimitri: Festive Overture [arr.]
Smith, Claude T.: Festival Variations; Variations on a Revolutionary Hymn
Sousa, John Phillip: The Stars and Stripes Forever (key of A-flat)
Tchaikovsky, Peter: Dance of the Jesters [arr.]
Vaughn-Williams, Ralph: Folksong Suite
Williams, Clifton: The Sinfonians

Raphael, Nan: In the Limelight
Roberto, J. S. R.: The Military Piccoloists' Guide [Canadian Forces School of Music]

*Works Listed in BLUE Were Added to this List as of January 1, 2008*

(Works indicated in RED are highly recommended and/or are considered standard works in the piccolo repertoire)

Abate, Rocco: Dust, Op. 0
Ablinger, Peter: Piccolo und Rauschen
Adler, Samuel: Canto XIII [Ludwig Music]
Amann, Gerold: Naturstudie (transcribed from bird calls) (solo picc or fl) [Universal Editions]
Amlin, Martin: Ephemeropterae I and II (2004)
Artaud, Pierre-Yves: Eole [Billaudot]
Asmus, Bernd: seats re caned any size considered ring
Bakalian, Craig: Music for Unaccompanied Piccolo
Barchan, Stephen Mark. Crying in the Distance (2007)
Barlow, Clarence: ...until...
Beilharz, Kristy: Burnished
Bentzon, Niels Viggo: Hasen Epilog, Op. 403 F
Bentzon, Niels Viggo: Variationer over "Den forsvundne mus"
Blank, Alan: Ariel - Four Sketches for solo piccolo [Falls House Press]
Boeuf, Georges: Sept Preludes, Op. 47
Bon, Maarten: Nee, die idee(e)n (A. Thonkins)
Borwick: Desperate Measures: Diary of One Mad Mother
Brings, Alan: Two Movements
Brizzi, Aldo: Il volo di Icaro
Brophy, Gerard: Tweak
Calabro, Louis: Three Pieces for solo piccolo [Elkan-Vogel]
Campo, Regis: ...Doublees, una voce... [Bilaudot]
Castiglioni, Niccolo: Musica Vneukokvhaja
Cattaneo, Aureliano: Visible
Caturabo, Francesco: I'm looking for Belisa
Cooman, Carson: A Piccolo Celebration (2002)
Crego, Cliff: Regulus regulus: a Star Cycle piece in 4 movements
Cummings: Little Suite #2
Dehnhard, Tilmann: Wake up (picc, alarm clock)
Dench, Chris: De/Ploye (1987)
Dench, Chris: Piccolo Fragment from "Dark Neumes" No. 2 of Vier Darmstaedter Aphorismen
Dick, Robert: Fire's Bird (ring-key piccolo)
Dick, Robert: Heart of Light (Ab piccolo)
Dick, Robert: Steambird
Dillon, James: Diffraction
Donatoni, Franco: Nidi, due pezzi per ottavino [Ricordi]
Dufeutrelle, Sophie: La Voliere du Puy
Dunker, Amy: Mo
Durand-Racamato, Claire: Lumiere de Soleil [Hildegard Pub. Co.]
Edwards, Ross: Ulpirra
Eitler, Esteban: Carino; No. 3 de la "Sirie sentimental"
Eitler, Esteban: Insinuacion; No. 11 de la "Serie sentimental"
Emerson, Ty Alan: Sceneca I
Febonio, T.G. Whistle Music
Febonio, T.G. Whistle Music, Book 2
Ferneyhough, Brian: Superscriptio [Peters] (VERY difficult!)
Fineberg, Joshua: Breathe
Finnissy, Michael: The Eureka Flag [Karlsruhe: Tre Media Edition]
Fongaard, Bjorn: Somata for Piccolo, Op. 125, No. 1 (1973)
Galay, Daniel: 7 Doubts for piccolo solo [Simrock]
Gippo: Golden Age of the Virtuoso Piccolo
Godwin, S. (arr.): The Bird Fancier's Delight
Gorman, Carly: Two Dances for Solo Piccolo
Guerinel, Lucien: Historiette I [Billaudot]
Hamami, Yosef: Question Mark [Israel Brass Woodwind Publications]
Harley, James: Exh...
Hill, Malcolm: Sarab [Just Flutes Edition]
Hiroyoki, Itoh: Salamander
Hirsch, Michael: Monolog
Isaacson, Michael: 6/8 Dances
Issacson, Michael: The Fearless Whistler [Alry]
Janssen, Guus: Voetnoot I
Jenni, Donald Martin: Long Hill May
Kawasoi, Tatsuya: Acting Out I
Kohler: School for Piccolo
Kopac, Peter: Sonatina
Kopelent, Marek: Le petit rien
Kupferman, Meyer: Tanktotem II
Lam, Bun-Ching: Bittersweet Music I (Notevole)
Lerstad, Terje Bjorn: Enigma II, Op. 44; Variasjoner pa jakt etter tema
Lidov, David: Musica aguda para flutin
Loeb, David: Balinese Fantasies [Alry]
Loeb, David: Four Japanese Legends
Loeb, David: Nocturnes & Meditations [Pellerite: The Contemporary Solo Flute,Vol.1; Zalo]
Loeb, David: Six Preludes, Vol. 1: Studies on East Asian Pipes [Alry]
Loeb, David: Four Preludes, Vol. 2: Studies on East Asian Pipes [Alry)]
Loeb, David: Preludes, Vol. 3 [Toda Ongaku]
Loeb, David: Preludes, Vol. 4
Loeb, David: Reflections on Sephardic Melodies
Loeb, David: Scenes from the Japanese Countryside
Loeb, David. Nightcolors
Lombardo, Ricky: The Little Hornpipe
MacDonald: Bolla
MacDonald: Mooncusser Melodies
MacDonald: Numeracy Pieces
Mariano, Martin: Psicoanalisis
Marttinen, Tauno: Ilmatar, ilman impi
Marttinen, Tauno: Ilman, Maiden of the Air (also listed as: Ilman, Virgin of the Air)
Matys, Jiri: Whims of a Little Flute; A cycle of compositions for piccolo
Mayouhas, Yoram: Bagatelles (1998)
McDonald: Fight Song
McDonald: Olehaha
McDonald, John: Self-Referential Solo #4
McDonald, John: Spirewise - Scherzino
McDowell, Cecilia: Seven Impressions [Pan Publishing]
Mozer, Roland: Intermezzo for piccolo
Onna, Peter van: Scratches for piccolo solo
Padding, Martijn: so-SOLO for piccolo (No. 2 from "Images")
Persichetti, Vincent: Parable for Solo Piccolo [Elkan-Vogel]
Petronio, Arthur: Cinq Soliloques [Billaudot]
Piacentini, Riccardo: Petit
Polansky, Larry: Piker
Randalls, Jeremy S.: Sonata
Reudenbach, Michael: Mirlitonnades pour petite flute
Ridout, Alan: Farndale Dances [Emerson]
Rogers, Benard: Study for solo piccolo
Roy, Klaus G.: Toot Suite
Rosa, Clotilda: Variantes
Schurig, Wolfram: Nontiscordardime II
Smirnov, Dmitri: Tanz der Nachtigall, Op. 41
Smith, Dave: Songflight
Snyder, Randall: Rara Avis
Stahmer, Klaus Hinrich: Konig Wiedehopf
Stern, Jacob: Row for unaccompanied piccolo and Laurence Trott
Straesser, Joep: Fingerprints: 5 fantasias about brids
Stock, David: East Wind (2000)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz: Entführung (aus Evas Zauber vom Montag aus Licht) [Stockhausen-Verlag]
Stockhausen, Karlheinz: PICCOLO (aus DER JAHRESLAUF)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz: ZUNGENSPITZENTANZ vom SAMSTAG aus LICHT (with dancer, ad lib.)
Telfer, Nancy: Love is a Sacred Feast Weddingmusic
Termos, Paul: Vuoto ossesso
Tiutiunnik, Katia M.: Hidayah
Togni, Camillo: Due Preludi
Trott, Laurence (arr.): Bird Fancier's Delight
Trott, Laurence (arr.): Top O' the Evening, an Irish Suite
Varela, Victor: Sabines Spirales
Wallach, Joelle: Wreath of Siver Birds
Weir, judith: Several Concertos (1980), 3. for piccolo
Yeats, Marc: Mad Canary
Yim, Jay Alan: Furiosamente
Young, Douglas: Lignes (picc, opt. claves)
Yun, Isang: Etuden fur Flote solo [No. 3 Allegro: piccolo]
Zehavi, David: Hechalil ("The Flute;" Israeli folk song)

Aguila, Miguel del: Snowmen
Aitken, Hugh: Pastiche (The NFA 20th-Anniversary Anthology of American Flute Music) [Oxford University Press]
Altès, Henri. Les Chants de Rosignol. [Billaudot]
Amlin: Sonata
Amlin: Sonatina Piccola
Andrieu: Rossignol d'Amour
Baksa, Robert: Piccolo Sonata [Theodore Presser]
Balleron, Louis: The Noisy Bird (L'Oiseau Tapgeur) [Little Piper]
Bartok, Béla (arr.Fox): Suite for Piccolo and Piano [Alry]
Beaser, Robert: Souviners
Bellafronte, Raffaele: The Crazy Acrobat (2004)
Benshoof, Ken: Spindrift [Meridian Integrated Media, Ltd.]
Benshoof, Ken: Timeless (Embraceable You)
Bliss, Marilyn: Rima [Pan, 1st ed., 1989; JP Publications, 2nd ed, 1994]
Boetto: Ambes
Boncompagni, Claudio Josè: Nuances [Animando Music Publisher]
Briccialdi: La Petite Anglaise, Op. 74
Brockett, F.: Mocking Bird (in Wye album)
Brün, Herbert: Gesto
Buss, Howard J. Chutzpah! (2007) [Brixton Publications]
Calliezie: Le Carnaval de Milan
Campo, Regis: Le pic-vert
Carre: Fil
Casterede, Jacques: La Belle Epoque [Billaudot]
Christensen: Piccolo Espagnol
Christensen: Piccolo Francaise
Ciardi, Cesare: La Folle [Billaudot]
Clarke, Herbert L.: Showers of Gold (C or Db picc, pf) [M. Witmark]
Cohen, Shimon: My Soul Will Rejoice (Israeli scherzo)
Couperin: Le Rossignol en Amour
Cronin, Robert: Portraits [Cronin Press]
Dahl, Daniel. Failles.  [Billaudot]
Damaré, Eugène: Amours d'un Rossignol
Damaré: Bouquet de Roses
Damaré: Caprice, Op. 174
Damaré: Feux Follets, Op. 378
Damaré: L'Alouette, Op.172 [Billaudot]
Damaré: La Cracovienne, Op.224
Damaré: La Tourterelle, Op. 119
Damaré: Le Roitelet (in Wye album)
Damaré: Le Rossignol de L'Opera
Damaré: Le Merle Blanc, Op.161, Polka Fantaisie
Damaré: Les Echos des bois, Op. 220
Damaré: L'Oiseau les Roses
Damaré: Piccolo-Polka, Op.157
Damaré: Rossignol de Opera
Damaré: Tarentelle, Op.391 [Billaudot]
Damaré: Third Grand Solo, Op. 410 [Billaudot]
Damaré: Tourbillion, Op.212-Valse
Damm, August: Through the Air [Cundy-Bettoney]
Daugherty, Michael: The High and the Mighty
Demichelis: Scottish, Op. 39
Donjon: Bamboche (Rondo-Gigue)
Donjon: Mazurka de Concert
Dorff: Sonatine de Giverny
Doue: Concerto
Downes: Sonata for Piccolo and Piano, Op. 74
Du Bois, Rob: Bewegingen [Donemus]
Dubois: La Piccolette
Dunker, Amy:
Dvorak: Air Gracile
Elliot, Willard: Fantasy (orig. for picc and chamber group) [Southern]
Faillenot: Pastorale et Danse (orig. for solo picc or flute and wind ensemble)
Feld, Jindrich:  Sonatina for Piccolo and Piano (premiere scheduled for NFA 8/06)
Flotow: Martha
Fransella, Albert: The Call of Spring: Scherzo-scherzando (picc or fl, pf) [Boosey & Hawkes]
Fremiot: Phonons
Furstenberg: L'Oiseau des Bois, Op. 18
Genin: Fantasie sur "Il Pleut, Il Pleut Bergere"
Goodman, Todd. Echos: Prelude and Dance (picc, pf) [Wrong Note Media]
Griebling-Haigh: Hebert Variations
Guoit, Raymond: Onivatto [Editions H. Lemoine]
Gurin, Shelley Foster: Sentiments (orig. for picc, large chamb ensemble) [Foster Music Productions]
Hogg, D.C.: Voluntary #1 [Intrada Music Group]
Holcombe, Bill: Three Jazz Showpieces [Musicians Publications]
Hoover, Katherine: Three Sketches
Horwood, Michael: Birds (picc, piano, and color slides) [Alry]
Hughes: Sonata Fantastique, Op. 100 [Billaudot]
Huylebroeck, Jan: Kay El'lem (self-published)
Hurrell, Clarence E.: Dance of Elizabeth [Rubank]
Isaacson: Fishlegs & Zipline
Isaacson: Niggun (Song Without Words)
Isaacson: November Song
Janacek: March of the Bluebreasts
Johnson: Wind in the Pines
Jones, Charles: Sonata Piccola (picc, hrpschrd or pf) [Zalo Publications/JP Publications]
Joplin: Entertainer
Joyce, Brooke: toydogmusic (picc, toy piano) [2004]
Kelley, Daniel: Passage
Koepke: Meadowlark
Kohler, Ernesto: Valse-Caprice. [Billaudot]
Kozlowski: Acrobatics
Krakamp: Carnival de Messine, Op. 91
Krivokapic, Igor: Prebliski ("Ideas")
Kujala, Stephen: Eurhythmionics [Progress Press]
Kumar, Aldo: Grafiti
LaMontaine, John: Sonata, Op.61
Lauf: Angel of Victory []
Lauf: Sonata
Laufer: Scars & Scrapes
Lax: Fantasia on American Airs (arr.Trott)
Lax: Fantasia on Mexican Airs
Le Thiere, Charles: L'Oiseau du bois (in Wye album)
Le Thière, Charles: L'alouette des champs ("The Sky Lark") polka [J.R. Lafleur]
Lombardo: Winsey
Lovelock, William: Scherzo-Waltz (ed. Pellerite) [Zalo/JP Publications]
Lovreglio, Donato: Eco di Napoli
Mack, Dieter: Duett (picc, organ) [Baerenreiter-Verlag]
Mann, Robert: Silberglöckchen Zauberflöten (picc or fl, celesta)
Manookian, Jeff: Sonata
Martin: Minutiae [Universal Edition]
Matthys, Marc. Echoes
McDonald: Sonatina
McDowall, Cecilia: Impressions (7)
Michal, Scott: Four Dances
Michelis, Vincenzo de: La Cachuca de mi Nina [Billaudot]
Michelis, Vincenzo de: Scottisch, Op 39 [Billaudot]
Michelis, Vincenzo de: Trastullo [Billaudot]
Moore, J.W.: The Merry Linnett (in Wye album)
Morlachi, Pietro. Cappriccio Originale [Billaudot]
Mower, Mike: Sonata for piccolo and piano
Mozes, Robert: Musical Moment (1999)
Musgrave, Thea: Piccolo Play [Novello]
Novák, Jan: Marsyas [München : Filmkunst-Musikverlag]
Offenbach: Souvenir de Reveillon
Ostransky: Pifferari #2
Paloyan: Vent d'Est
Pitfield, Thomas: Three Nautical Sketches for piccolo (or descant recorder ) and piano
Poulenc, Francis: Villanelle, FP 74 [published in a collection entitled Pipeaux, 1934; commissioned by Louise Dwyer]
Presser, William: Rondo [Tenuto/Theodore Presser]
Proust, Pascal: Les quatre éléments (required examination piece at Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris in 2000) [Editions Combre]
Rabboni: Le Carnival Hongrois, Op. 65
Rabol: Mazouk Galante
Rabol: Songe Caraibe
Rémusat, Jean. Carnival Napolitain [Billaudot]
Ritter: Fantasy on "There's Nae Luck About the House"
Rokeach: Nocturne
Schickele: Sonata Piccola
Schocker, Gary: Sonata for Piccolo and Piano [Theodore Presser]
Schudel: Hot Salsa
Schudel: Two Miniatures
Shostakovich: Polka, Op.22
Shostakovich: Prelude & Fugue in G, Op.87 / 3
Smith, Matt. Sonata for Piccolo and Piano (2005) [Self-published]
Smith, Matt. Sonata No. 2 for Piccolo and Piano (2006) [Self-published]
Smith: Whipoorwill
Spell, Eldred: A Night at the Opera (picc or fl, pf) [ALRY]
Starer: Fantasy on "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"
Tchaikovsky: March Miniature
Telemann, G.P.: Sonata in F Major (arr. Voxman) [Rubank] 
Townsend, Douglas: Dance Improvisations and Fugue (picc or sop recorder or fl) [C.F. Peters]
Trott: From the World of Ragtime
Trott: Sousa Suite #1 (arr.)
Trott: Sousa Suite #2 (arr.)
Tsontakis: Fervore
Tung/Wong: Mountain Air [ Publications]
Underhill, Nicholas: Piccolo Peculiarities
Vacchiano: Miniature Variations on The Carnival of Venice for Piccolo (or E-flat Trumpet) [C. F. Peters]
Walters: Tarantella Festivo
Werner: Nachtstuck

Bousquet, N.: Golden Robin Polka (picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Burke: Piccolo Polka (1-2 picc, band)
Damare, Eugene: The Wren Polka (ed. Beard) (picc, band) [Go Fish Music]
Ferrazzi, D. L.: Pet Robin Mazurka (picc, band) [Carl Fischer]
Faillenot, Maurice: Pastorale et Danse (solo picc or flute, wind ensemble)
Occa, J. (ed. Beard): Kinloch o' Kinloch (picc, band) [in progress; coming soon to Go Fish Music]
Richards, Eric: Dance of the Southern Lights (solo piccolo and wind ensemble)
Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee

Bent: The Swiss Boy (2 picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Cole, J.W.: La Joie de Vivre ("The Joy of Living") (2 Db picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Cox, J.S.: "Will O' the Wisp" Polka (2 Db picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Damare, Eugene: Le Rossignol de l'Opera (2 Db picc, band)  [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Genin, Paul Agricole: Rippling Streams (2 picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Kling, Henry: Robin and Wren Polka (2 Db picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Kling, Henry: The Nightingale and Thrush (2 Db picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Mayr: Birds of the Forest (2 Db picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Pillevestre, J.: Trio d'Oiseaux (3 Db picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]
Sargent, W.A. Barrington: Nip and Tuc (2 picc, band) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]

Behr, J. C.: Woodland Echoes (solo picc, solo cl, band) [Oliver Ditson]
Kling, Henry: The Elephant and the Fly ("Elefant und die Mücke") (picc, solo trb or bari, band) [Carl Fischer]

*Most titles are also (or in some cases, only) available for piccolo with piano reduction
Amlin, Martin: Concerto for Piccolo
Balleron, Louis: l'oiseau tapgeur "The Noisy Bird" (picc, orch)
Baston, John: Concerto in G Major for Piccolo and Orchestra (orig. for recorder and orch) [Billaudot]
Bellafronte, Raffaele: Il Labirinto Dell'Anima (solo picc, str orch)
Bottje, Will Gay: Concertino [Zalo]
Broughton, Bruce: Piccolo Concerto
Dale, Gordon: Chamber Concerto, Op. 76 for piccolo (or descant recorder) and strings
Davies, Peter Maxwell. Concerto for Piccolo (1997) [Chester Music/Schirmer]
Dorman, Avner: Concerto for Piccolo [Schirmer]
Doué, Jean: Concerto for piccolo and string orchestra
Dubensky, Arcady: Capriccio per ottavino ed orchestra [Milano; New York: Ricordi]
Easton, Michael: Concerto for Piccolo, Percussion and Strings
Goodman, Todd. Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra (2007) [Wrong Note Media]
Hoenigsberg, David: Concerto for Piccolo Solo and Large Orchestra (1980) []
Hoenigsberg, David: Concertino for Piccolo and Strings (2004) []
Holland: Concerto for Piccolo
Hovland, Egil: Concerto for Piccolo & Strings, Op.117
Janssen, Guus. Concerto for Piccolo
Lerstad, Terje Bjørn: Concerto for piccolo and orchestra, Op. 132 (1979)
Liebermann, Lowell: Concerto for Piccolo, Op.50 [Theodore Presser]
Manookian, Jeff: Concerto for piccolo and orchestra
McKimm, Barry. Celtic concerto for piccolo and orchestra (1983) [Australian Music Centre]
McKimm, Barry. Piccolo Concerto [Australian Music Centre]
Montano, Damian: 'Concerto for Piccolo and Contrabassoon (premiered 2004 by the Houston Symphony)
Niverd, Raymond: Piccolo Concerto
Pinkham: Concerto Piccolo
Schudel, Thomas: Concerto (picc, muti perc (1 player), str orch or str 5) [T. Schudel]
Sheng, Bright: Flute Moon (fl/picc, harp, pf, perc, str orch) [G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard]
Singer: Concerto in Olden Style
Steinberg, Ze'ev: Concerto for piccolo (premiered 2005 by the Israel Philharmonic Chamber Players)
Stephenson, Allan: Concerto for piccolo
Tann, Hillary: Toward Dusk - From the Water's Edge (2001) [Oxford University Press]
Vivaldi: Concerto in a, F.VI No.9
Vivaldi: Concerto in C, F.VI No.4
Vivaldi: Concerto in C, F.VI No.5
Walter, Fried: Skizzen fur drei Floten (3 fl/2 picc, orch) [Zimmermann]

Czernowin, Chaya: Liquid Amber (2000) (3 ampl picc, orch) [Schott]
Julian, Joseph: Concerto for flutes and chamber orchestra (2 fl/alto fl/picc/bass fl, orch) [Seesaw]
Keiper, William: Piccolo e Piccola (1953) (2 picc, chamb orch) [Edition Melodia]
Kling, Henry: The Two Little Bullfinches (2 picc, orch) [Mill Rock Piccolo Library]

Dorman, Avner: Concerto for Piccolo and a Rock Band (solo picc, vln, 2 elect. gtr, elect. bass, drum kit, synth) [Schirmer]
Erkoreka, Gabriel: Kantak (solo picc, fl, ob/EH, cl/bass cl, vln, vc, dbl bass, perc, pf/celesta) [EMEC]
Gurin, Shelley Foster: Sentiments (solo picc, 2 cl, bssn, 2 tpt, 2 hrn, 2 vln, vla, vc, str bass) [Foster Music Productions]
Lamb, Marvin: Music for Julius Baker (solo fl, solo picc, and flute ensemble (23 players)) [Wimbledon Music]
Subotnik, Morton: Parallel Lines Parallel [1978] (solo picc, Electronic Ghost Score, Ob/E.H., Cl/Bass Cl, Tpt, Tbn, Harp, Perc (2), Va, Vc)

Burrell, Diana: Flute Concerto (1997) (solo picc/fl/alto fl, orchestra)
Meyer, Krzysztof: Konzert für Flöte und Orchester, Op. 61 (solo picc/fl/alto fl/bass fl, orchestra) [Hamburg: H. Sikorski]
Richards, Eric: Dos Danzas Latinas (solo fl/picc/alto fl and concert band)
Scheng, Bright: Flute Moon (fl/picc, hrp, pf, perc, str orch)
Smith, Robert W.: Gemeinhardt Suite (solo fl/picc/alto fl and concert band) [Warner Bros.]

Adler, Samuel: Flaunting (fl/opt. picc and/or alto fl)
Booren, Jo van den: Equilibrio (flute/alto/picc) [Donemus/C.F. Peters]
Carles, Marc: Anaphores (flute/alto/picc)
Coinel, Robert and Claude Morin: Sept Haiku (picc/alto fl)
Isaacson, Michael: Water Music (picc/fl/alto fl) [ALRY]
Jacob, Gordon: The Pied Piper (picc/fl) [Oxford University Press]
Latham: Preludes Before Silence (solo fl/picc)
Lauf, Jr., Melvin: Frustration (fl, opt. picc/alto fl)
Liebermann, Lowell: Eight Pieces (fl, opt. bass/alto/picc) [Theodore Presser]
Meltzer, Harold: Rumors (fl/picc/alto/bass fl)
Petrassi, Goffredo: Souffle (picc/fl/alto) [Edizioni Suvini Zerboni]
Pierce, Alexandra: Escaped Exotics (fl/picc, opt. dancer) [Seesaw Music]
Schweitzer, Benjamin: In die ferne, ins leben (picc/fl/alto fl) [Helmstadt: Hoche]
Stockhausen, Karlheinz: Flautina - Solo für Flöte mit Piccolo und Altflöte [Stockhausen-Verlag]
Yun, Isang: Etüden (picc/fl/alto/bass) [Bote & Bock]

Cooper, Paul: Sonata [Chester]
Dimov, Bojidar: Reflexe (picc/fl, pf)
Doran, Matt: Four Fancies (fl/picc/alto/bass, pf) [ALRY]
Finney, Ross Lee: Two Ballads (fl/picc/alto fl, pf) [Henmar Press/C.F. Peters]
Hamilton, Ian: Sonata [Theodore Presser]
Hodkinson, Sydney: Four Salon Songs Drawings No. 11 (fl/picc, pf) [Merion Music/Theodore Presser]
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid: Exotic Impressions, Op.134 [Falls House Press]
Koechlin, Charles: Le voyage chimérique, Op. 149/5 (fl/picc, pf)
Kohn: Encounters (picc/fl, pf)
Olsen, Morton: Diptychon (picc/bass fl, organ)
Petrassi, Goffredo: Ala (Fl/Picc, Hpschrd)
Pettigrew, Laura: The Picc'in Suite [Alry]
Reynolds, Roger: Mosaic (fl/picc, pf)
Werner, Sven Erik: Secreta (fl/picc, organ)
Wüsthoff, Klaus: Drei Mobiles (flute/alto/picc, pf) [Zimmermann]

Barnett, Carol: Legend (2 picc, pf; also trans. for 2 picc, orch) [Meridian Integrated Media]
Buck: Petaki (2 picc)
Burke: Piccolo Polka (2 picc, pf)
Caliendo, Christopher: Gli Amanti Segreti (2 picc)
Casado: Elkarrizeta (2 picc, tamb) [Billaudot]
Cole, J.W.: The Joy of Living (2 picc, pf)
Donjon: Tracoline (2 picc, accordion) [Billaudot, published for 2 picc, pf]
Damare, Eugene: The Nightingale of the Opera (2 picc, pf)
First, Nenad: Momenti (2 picc)
Gagnaire, Henri & Bernard Boetto: Les Pierrots Babilliards (2 picc, accordion)
Genin, Jean: The Fluttering Birds (2 picc, pf)
Holland: PicCalypso (2 picc, pf)
Kling, H. L.: Two Little Bulfinches Polka (2 picc, pf) [Cundy]
Kling, H. L.: Two Little Finches (probably the same piece as above) (2 picc, pf)
MacDonald: Binary Dances (2 picc)
Pillevestre, Jules: Piccolinette (2 picc, accordion)
Voglar, Crt Sojar: Tango Ptic ("Bird Tango") (3 picc, pf)
Vosk: Pecking Orders (3 picc)

Baksa, Robert: Symposium (picc, 3 fl)
Blank, Allan: Miscellany (combo of 2-4 fl, picc, and alto fl) [Falls House Press]
Brings, Allen: Concert Piece for flute flutes (picc, 2 C, alto fl) [Seesaw Music Corp.]
Buss, Howard: Romance and Caprice (fl/picc, alto fl, pf) [Brixton]
Childs, Barney: Music for Two Flute Players (fl/picc,fl/alto fl) [Merion/Theodore Presser]
Goossens: Old Musical Box (picc, fl)
Howard, Sandra: Irish Suite (picc, fl, alto fl) [ALRY]
Jacob, Gordon: Introduction and Fugue (picc, fl, alto fl)
Jolas: Fusain (picc, bass fl)
Korneitchouk, Igor: versus Antiqui for piccolo and flute (picc, fl)
Luening, Otto: Trio for Three Flutists (fl/picc, fl/picc/alto fl, flute)
Michael, Frank: 3 capricci, Op. 65 Nr. 2 (picc, fl, bass fl) [Zimmerman]
Mols, Robert: Three Miniatures & a Coda (picc,3 fl,alto fl) [JP Publications]
Offermans, Wil: Just a Short Version (picc, 2 fl, alto fl) [Zimmerman]
Persichetti: Serenade #9 (fl, picc)
Phillips: Birds of a Feather (fl, picc/fl, pf)
Post, Jos: Episodes (2 fl/picc, 2 fl/ato fl) [Amsterdam : Donemus]
Reynolds, Roger: Four Etudes (picc, 2 fl, alto fl) [Peters]
Schocker, Gary. Flute Quartet No. 1 (picc, fl, alto fl, bass fl)
Tautenhahn, Gunther: Quartets (picc, 2 fl, alto fl) [Seesaw]
Trombly, Preston: Cantilena (picc, fl, alto, bass) [American Composers Alliance]
Zaninelli: Three Scenes (picc, fl, alto fl)

Duos and Trios
Adams, John Luther: Songbirdsongs, Book I (picc, perc)
Alexander: Three Minatures for Two Extremes (picc, tuba)
Arrigo, Girolamo: Episodi (sop, picc/fl/alto fl/bass fl) [Heugel]
Bach, Jan: Music for a Low-Budget Epic (picc, bssn) [Meadow Music]
Bach, P.D.Q.: Little Pickle Book Pockelbuchlein S. 6 (Dill piccolo, perc, organ)
Bahr, Jason M.: Postcards (picc, EH, bass cl)
Birtwistle, Harrison: Hoquetus Petrus (picc/fl, fl, picc tpt) [Boosey & Hawkes]
Bologna: Three Madrigals (picc/alto, CB)
Boulanger, Lili: Les Sirenes "The Mermaids" (sop, fl/picc, pf)
Bricht: Trio for Flute (picc/fl/alto, vc, pf)
Briggs, Jeffrey Lynn: Adjectives - 13 Small Worlds (picc/fl, cl/bass cl)
Buss: Time Capsule (fl/picc, tpt)
Buss: Night Flight (picc, cl, pf)
Bussotti, Sylvano: Duo concertante (picc, dbl. bass) [Milano : Ricordi]
Caliendo, Christopher: Farandula (picc, gtr) [Caliendo World Music Publsihing]
Clostre: Concerto (fl/picc, vln, pf)
Coombs, Daniel R.: Hors D'oeuvres, Op. 27 (picc, Eb cl, perc)
Cronin, Robert: Postcards (picc, perc)
Crumb, George: Federico's Little Songs for Children (fl/picc/alto fl/bass fl, sop, harp)
Dalby, Martin: MacPherson's Rant (fl/picc/alto fl, dbl. bass)
Duffy, John: Toccata and Fugue (picc, perc)
Dun, Tan: In Distance (picc, harp, bass drum) [G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard]
Dusapin, Pascal: Shin'-Gyô (Japanese sutra) (sop, picc)
Erb, Donald: Drawing Down the Moon (picc, perc) [Merion]
Felciano, Richard: Masks (picc/fl/alto fl, tpt)
Felciano, Richard: Primal Balance (picc/fl/alto fl/bass fl, dbl. bass)
Felciano: Spectra (picc/fl/alto, dbl. bass)
Fortner, Wolfgang: Capricen (fl/picc, ob, bssn) [Schott]
Flory, Neil: Summer Songs (fl/picc, sop, gtr)
Francaix: Double Concerto (picc/fl/alto, cl/Eb/bass cl, pf)
Frank: Rhapsody and Allegro (picc, harp)
Gomez: Concertino Indigo (picc, mult. perc) [Southern Music Co.]
Griebling-Haigh: La Bergere des Brises de Vallee (fl/picc, ob/eng hrn, pf)
Hailstork: As Falling Leaves (fl/picc, va, hp)
Halac, Jose: Illegal Edge (fl/picc, pf, perc)
Haltzki: Father and Son (picc, bsn, pf)
Heinrichs, W.: Trio for Seven Instruments (fl/alto/picc, cl/bass cl/Eb cl, pf)
Heiss: Epigrams (fl/picc, perc)
Hiller, Lejaren: An apotheosis of archaeopteryx (picc, berimbau) [Kallisti Music Press]
Hodkinson, Sydney: Papillons, Book 1 (picc, vla, hrp)
Hoskins, Williams Barnes: Prelude and Dance (picc, contra bssn, vib)
Hosokawa, Toshio: Birds Fragments No. 3 {fl, picc, sh¯o or accordion) [Schott]
Kupferman, Meyer: Short Shrift (picc, cl) [General Music]
Kupferman, Meyer: O North Star (picc/fl/alto fl, cl/Eb cl/bass cl, pf)
Kurtág, György: A kis csáva, Op. 15b (picc, trb, gtr) [Budapest : Editio Musica]
Leisher, David: Dances in the Madhouse (fl/picc or vln, gtr) [Merion Music/Theodore Presser]
Lunde, Ivar: Drawings, Op.34 (picc, fl, cl) [Norsk Musikforlag]
MacDonald: Duettino (picc, glockenspiel)
Mack, Dieter: Trio Variations (1989) (fl/picc, pf, perc)
Maganini: Boa Constrictor and the Bobolink (picc, tuba)
Mamlok: Stray Birds (fl/picc/alto, sop)
Marshall, James Robert: The Return of the Belle Jardiniere (picc, dbl. bass, perc)
Mayr, Johannes Simon: Concerto Bergamasco (fl/picc, cl, basset hrn)
Meyer, Rene: First Chaconne, Op. 76 (picc, vln, hrn)
Meyer: Variations on a Theme of Paganini (picc, cl, va)
Murray: Wind And... (bamboo fl/alto/picc, vibes, var. perc)
Nilsson: Zwanzig Gruppen (picc, ob, cl) [Universal Edition]
Nixon, Roger: Two Duos (picc, Eb cl) [Galaxy Music/Theodore Presser]
Parker, Philip: Beneath the Canopy (fl/picc/alto/bass, perc)
Ptaszynska, Marta: Cadenza (fl/picc/alto fl, perc) [Kraków: Polskie Wydawn]
Patula, Elizabeth: Figurines (2000) (picc/fl, sop sax/alto sax)
Riley, Dennis: Apparitions (fl/picc, vla, hrp) [C.F. peters Corp.]
Robinson, Brian: Cats' Cradle (picc, perc)
Rogers, John F.: Bone Dance (fl/picc, cl/bass cl, vc)
Scelsi, Giacinto: Rucke di guck (picc/oboe)
Schulhoff, Erwin: Concertino (fl/picc, vla, str. bass) [Universal]
Schweizer, Klaus: Klappentexte (fl/picc, ob/EH) [Bärenreiter]
Shostakovich, Dmitry: Four Waltzes, arr. (fl/picc, clar, pf) [Musica Rara]
Simons, Netty: Facets No. 2 (fl/picc, cl, dbl. bass) [Merion Music /Theodore Presser]
Smit, Leo: Cock Robin (voice, picc, perc)
Smith, Stuart: The Night is Never Long (picc, vib)
St. John, Kathleen: The Tender Graces Took Thee Up In Their Bospm, O Lily (picc, ob, Eb cl)
Stephenson III, James: The Mountain Laurel Suite (picc/fl/alto fl, cl/bass cl, pf)
Stock, David: Icicles (picc, ob, Eb cl)
Stock, David: Triple Play (picc, str. bass, perc)
Tan, Dun: In Distance (picc, hrp, perc)
Taulenhahn, Gunther: Trio (picc, marimba, dbl. bass)
Thompson, Randall: Scherzino (picc, vln, vla)
Tomasi: Le Tambeau de mireille (picc, tamb)
Vogel, Wladimir: Terzett (fl/picc, cl, bssn) [Edition Eulenberg]
Weir: Gentle Violence (picc/gtr) [Music Sales]
Welcher, Dan: Spirit Realms (fl/picc/alto, perc)
Zanettovich, Daniele: Appunti in un cimitero di guerra (fl/picc/alto, perc) [Alphonse Leduc]
Quartets and Quintets
Adams, John Luther: Songbirdsongs (2 picc, 3 perc)
Albright: Enigma Syncopation (fl/picc, CB, perc, org)
Ingolfsson, Alti: Vink II (picc, cl, vln, vc, pf)
Anderson, Beth: New Mexico Swale (picc/fl, vln, va, vc, perc)
Babbitt, Milton: Groupwise (picc/fl, str trio, pf)
Bennett, Richard Rodney: Concerto for wind quintet (WW5) [Novello]
Benshoof, Ken: In Shadow, Light (picc, strings)
Buller: Poor Jenny (picc/fl/alto, cym, bongo, drum)
Buss: Festival (fl/picc, fl, 2 cl)
Castiglioni, Niccolò: Cassazione (WW5)
Do: Four Pictures (fl/picc, 2 perc, pf)
Feldman, Morton: De Kooning (picc, hrn, vln, vc, pf)
Gerhard, Roberto: Libra (fl/picc, cl, vln, perc, pf)
Greenberg, Laura: Quartet (picc, hrn, vln, vc)
Harrison, Lou: Song in the Forest (fl/picc, vln, pf, perc)
Hindemith, Paul: Kleine Kammermusik, Op.24, No.2 (ww5) [Schott]
Huber, Nicolaus A.: Covered Music (fl/picc, sop, accord, dbl. bass, perc) [Wiesbaden: Breitkopf & Härtel]
Kagel, Mauricio: Pan (picc, string 4) [Henry Litolff's Verlag/C.F. Peters]
Karchin, Louis: Galactic Folds (fl/picc, cl, vln, vc, pf) [C.F. Peters]
Keusen-Nickel, Ursula: Fantasie und Sardana, Op. 10 (fl, picc, vln or alto fl, vc) [Tonger Musikverlag]
Kim, Earl: Dear Linda (fl/picc, narrator, perc, pf)
Kraft, William: Cascando (picc, bass cl, vln, vc, pf)
Lang, David: Short Fall (picc, vln, vc, pf) [Schirmer]
Mabry, Drake: 5.8.85 (picc, trb, vla, vc, perc)
Mamlok, Ursula: Girasol (fl/picc, cl, vln, vla, vc, pf) [C.F. Peters]
Matthews, Collin: Five concertinos (Cinq pièces concertantes for WW5) [Faber Music]
Moe, Eric: Time Will Tell (picc/fl, A cl/bass cl, vln, vla, pf)
Ran, Shulimat: Mirage (fl/picc/alto, cl, vln, vc, pf)
Rokeach: Nocturne (picc, str, harp)
Rovner, Anton: Spirals - A Dance Piece (picc, vla, dbl. bass, pf)
Rubbra, Edmund: Notturno Op. 106 (picc, fl, ob, clar; or recorder quartet)
Shapey, Ralph: Concerti Grossi (WW5) [Theodore Presser]
Schenker, Friedrich: Tirilijubili - Stück für Virtuosen III (WW5) [C.F. Peters]
Schwartz,  Elliott: Elan - Variaitons for 5 players (fl/picc, cl/bass cl, vln, vc, pf)
Schwertsik, Kurt: Eichendorff-Quintett (WW5) [Universal Edition]
Searle, Humphrey: Two Practical Cats (fl/picc, gtr, vc, narrator)
Stouffer, Paul M.:Amorphous dreams (picc, fl, alto fl, gtr)
Torke, Michael: Telephone Book (fl/picc, cl/, vln, vc, pf)
Widdoes, Lawrence: Tamarix (picc, celesta, 2 vla)
Six-Nine Players
Adler, Samuel: Epigrams (picc/fl, fl, ob, cl, bass clt, bssn) [Oxford University Press]
Berio, Luciano: Folk Songs (sop, fl/picc, cl, vla, vc, harp, 2 perc) [Universal Edition]
Carter, Elliott: Triple Duo (fl/picc, cl/bass cl/Eb cl, vln, vc, perc, pf) [Boosey & Hawkes]
Chávez, Carlos: Energía (fl, picc, bssn, hrn, tpt, bass trb, vla, vc, dbl. bass) [Mills Music]
Davies, Peter Maxwell: The Bairns of Brugh (picc, bass cl, pf, perc, vla, vc) [Boosey & Hawkes]
Davies, Peter Maxwell: Image, Reflection, Shadow (picc/fl/alto fl, cl/bass cl, vln, vc, cimbalom, pf) [Chester]
Davies, Peter Maxwell: Antechrist (picc, bass cl, 3 perc, vln, vc) [Boosey & Hawkes]
Durkó, Zsolt: Fire Music (fl/alto/picc,cl/bass cl,pf,vln,vla,vc) [Editio musica Budapest]
Elliot, Willard: Fantasy for piccolo and chamber group (picc, ob, cl, bssn, 2 vln, vla, vc) [Also see picc, pf]
Eisler, Hans: Septet No.1,Op. 92a (fl/picc, cl, bssn, 2 vln, vla, vc)
Feldman, Morton: For Frank O'Hara (fl/picc/alto fl, cl, 2 perc, pf, vin, vc) [Universal Editions]
Fox, Frederick: Devil's Tramping Ground (picc/fl, ob, cl/bass cl, vln, vc, perc, pf)
García Román, José: Francamente (picc/fl, ob, cl, vln, vc, pf) [Editorial de Música Española Contemporánea]
Hodkinson, Sydney: Stony Book Jam (fl/picc, cl/, vln, vc, perc, pf)
Imbrie, Andrew: Dream Sequence (fl/picc, ob/E.H., cl/bass cl, vln, vla, vc, perc, pf) [C.F. Peters]
Ives: Holiday Quickstep (picc, 2 cor, 4 vln, pf)
Janácek, Leos: Mladi (ww5 + bass cl) [International]
Janácek, Leos: Capriccio (fl/picc, 2 tpt, 3 trb, tuba, pf 1 hand)
Johnston, Ben: Septet (fl/picc, ob/Eng. hrn, cl, bssn, hrn, vc, str. bass)
Karlins, M. William: Concerto Grosso No. 2 (fl/picc, cl, bssn, vln, vla, vc, pf) [Pembroke Music/Carl Fischer]
LeBaron, Anne: The Sea and the Honeycomb (sop, fl/picc, cl/bass cl, pf, perc)
Lewis, Robert Hall: Divertimento (fl, picc, cl, vln, vc, pf)
Lipten, David: Stunt Double (fl/picc/alto fl, cl/bass cl, vln, vc, perc, pf)
Luo, Jing Jing: The Spell (picc/alto fl, bass cl/cl, 2 vc, perc, pf) [Henmar Press/C.F. Peters]
Martino, Donald: Notturno (fl/picc/alto,clar/bass,vln/vla,vc,perc,pf) [Ione Press]
Peterson, Wayne: Diptych (fl/picc/alto fl, cl/bass cl, vln or vla, vc, perc, pf) [Henmar Press/C.F. Peters]
Roman, Jose Garcia: Francamente (fl/picc, ob, cl, vln, vc, pf)
Schoenberg, Arnold: Pierrot Lunaire (voice, fl/picc, clar, vln, vc, pf) [Universal]
Surinach, Carlos: Hollywood Carnival (fl/picc, clar, tpt, str. bass, 2 perc)
Tomasi: Printemps (picc, fl, ob, cl, hn, a.sax, bsn)
Varèse, Edgar: Octandre (fl/picc, ob, Eb clar, bssn, hrn, tpt, trb, bass) [Colfranc]
Walton, William: Façade (narr, fl/picc, clar, a. sax, tpt, vc, perc) [Oxford Univ Press]
Wuorinen, Charles: On Alligators (fl/picc, ob, clar, bssn, 2vln, vla, vc)
Zwillich, Ellen T.: Chamber Symphony (fl/picc, cl/, vln, vla, vc, pf) [Merion Music]

Gippo, Jan: Golden Age of the Virtuoso Piccolo, The
Various: Jewell Collection, The
Various: Selected solos: A choice collection of standard solos for the flute or piccolo. No. 1 (pf part pub separately) [Cundy Bettoney]
Wye (ed.): Album for Piccolo & Piano, Vol. 1
Wye (ed.): Album for Piccolo & Piano, Vol. 2
Wye (ed.): Album for Two Piccolos and Piano
Zook (ed.): Polkas for Piccolo and Piano, Vol. 1

Barolsky, Michael: Piccolo-Stuck (1983) (picc, computer-generated tape and video)
Cash, Michael S.: Solfeggietto  (fl, picc, and electronics)
Dick, Robert:  My Own Railroad (1996) (fl/picc/alto fl/speaker, live electronics)
Dick, Robert:  A Black Lake with A Blue Boat On It (1990) (fl or Ab picc with live electronics)
Dick, Robert:  Times (1982) (multi-tracked bass fl, fl, ocarinas, piccolo and prepared flutes)
Dick/Kessler: Five of the Ten Commandments of Modern Life and Love (1996) (fl/picc/alto fl/speaker, live electronics)
Dolden, Paul: The Gravity of Silence (Resonance no. 5) (1995) (fl or picc, tape)
Feiler, Dror: Fluflu (1998) (picc, tape)
Ford, Andrew: Les debris d'un reve (picc, elec)
Francesconi, Luca: Steps (picc, tape)
Ghezzo, Dinu: Music for Flutes and Tape (fl, alto fl, bass fl, picc)
Ghezzo, Dinu: Imaginary Voyages II (2001) (soloist with picc, fl, alto, bass, doublebass, sub-doublebass, electronics)
Hajdu, Georg: Sleeplessness (picc/alto fl/bass fl, obbligato voice, live electronics)
Hamburg, Jeff: Duo-decimi (1994) (picc/bass fl, with fl ensemble or tape)
Harley, James: Anasazi: Kokopeli I (2001) (amplified picc, electronics)
Jean, Monique: Low Memory #2 (2001) (bass fl, picc, and 4-channel tape)
Korte, Karl: Colloquy (1988) (picc/fl/bass fl, with computer music on tape) [Austin, TX: K-note Press]
Korte, Karl: Remembrances (picc/fl/alto fl, tape) [Elkan-Vogel]
LaBerge, Anne: stickyneck (1998) (picc, recorded/processed sounds)
Lyon, Eric: Hot Pants (picc, computer-generated tape)
Manca, Gabriele: Il congegno del sole passante (picc, 2 recorders, live electronics) [Milano: Ricordi]
Plush, Vincent: The little people of Mount Rainier (picc, tape) [Oo-ee-New Music for Flute]
Reich, Steve: Vermont Counterpoint (1982) (solo fl/picc, with tape or flute ensemble)
Reynolds, Roger: ...brain ablaze...she howled aloud (1-3 picc, computer)
Rigler, Jane: Sketches for Malie Kae (1999) (solo performer with picc, bass fl, fl and tape)
Rosenzweig, Morris: Dialogue in 3 Parts (picc/fl/alto fl, digital tape)
Stockhausen, Karlheinz: Flautina (1989) (solo fl/picc/alto fl, with sound-light projectionist)
Zanettovich, Danielle: Ad benedictionem luminus (picc, tape)
Zonn, Paul: Sonorum (picc, tape)

Barone, Clement: Learning the Piccolo (unacc.)
Beaumadier, Jean-Louis: Exercices pour la flûte piccolo [Billaudot]
Eden, Danielle: Piccolo! Piccolo! (2 vols) [Just Flutes]
Frank: School for Fife or 4-6 Keyed Piccolo
Köhler, Ernesto: Schule für piccolo-fluteö [Zimmermann]
Levine, Carin and Christina Mitropoulos-Bott: The Techniques of Flute Playing II - Piccolo, Alto and Bass Flute.
Mazzanti, Nicola: Technical Daily Exercises for the Piccolo [Self-published; order online HERE]
Morris: Piccolo Study Book
Pease, Donald J.: Pro Art Flute and Piccolo Method [Pro Art Publications]
Phelan: The Complete Guide to the Flute and Piccolo
Pinksterboer, Hugo: Tipbook for Flute & Piccolo
Towarnicki: Piccolo Method (some pf acct.)
Tulou: Popular Method for Piccolo [Ricordi]
Tulou, J-L./Beaumardier J-L: 140 short exercises and studies. 1 or 3 piccolos. [Billaudot]
Wye, Trevor & Patricia Morris: A Piccolo Practice Book (Novello)
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